Wednesday, 10 September 2008

ARS electronica and my trip

I was away for two weeks because of my trip to Italy, Germany and Austria.
During my trip, my main event was ARS electronica in Austria.

I stayed linz on 5th- 7th September for ARS, I really enjoyed to see and meet people and their works.

Interactive art works at cyber art section were particularly interesting. My favourite was moving scrupture of metopholical Vagina and Penice. Two transformed shapes are having interaction with someone's exsistance. Their movements are looks ramdom, but it seems like having interaction with people's distance.

This year's highlighted work, "Bleu Remix" was interesting, too. The performance piece is the first motionless dance piece in the world. The performance is played by one performer who drinked blue coloured liquid for entire his body. For an hour, the performer is placed in a human size glass box which is located in the center of the room. He is not moving at all, but little by little, his sweats appear on surface of his skin. The performance itself is quiet, and need to endure for it's last, however it was amazing time to see
Strain of the room was tight, everyone was concering performer's small box. From performer's skin, we can recognize how our bodies are moving. In other words, by blue coloured sweat, I could recoginized visualization of of excreta which we are thrown from our body every day. It would be said that presentation of internal human body's movements. I was really lucky to share the time to see historical morment for performance art. This piece will be recoginized like John Cage's 4'33'.

I saw a lot of works there, so I just can't tell everything.
I heard that this year's ARS was smaller than last year. So I hope I will be there in next year. Next year will be twice as bigger than this year, because Linz will become a cultural city.
I was inspired a lot of things by ARS. That was really worth to be there to see what happens in the interacrive art works. Not only Bleu Remix, but also I saw several experimental performance arts. So I hope if I can involve some work which can involve performing arts for one of my final year's work, that will be interesting.

By the way, I enjoyed rest of my trips in Germany and Italy and Salzburg.

This photo was taken at St. Wolfgang near Salzburg. Alps mountains were very beautiful, and nice breeze. I saw a lot of grannies from UK, even though not many tourists were not turned up at this time. I guess just they love traveling.