Friday, 18 December 2009

Massive Origami head!!

I made massive origami head by a guardian paper.
Like the Simpsons character, someone said,,,?
Dancing dancing dancing 
My origami attempts at kin's window.

 An origami massive lamp shade includes Christmas LED lights.

Merry Christmas, everyone-- I will be Bangkok from tomorrow~!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas cards for kin

I was making origami and hand stamped christmas cards for kin.
Almost two weeks I was folding origamis and stamping individual cards which are nealy 75 sets.
In this card, 12 origamis, a battery and a LED light bulb.
You can make a lamp shade following with www.kin-design/12folds 
(My hands are staring in this video!!)
I sent several of them to my friends, too. 
The cards are printed by stamps individually by me. All patterns are different!! 
The same shape with origami stamps are pressed abstractly. 

I made an massive origami shade to the studio, too. 

Also, I made an origami christmas tree. 

Have a good christmas!! I will be at Thailand for two weeks from next saturday--

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Unit Origami

I played Unit Origami this weekend! I used to play it when I was kid--
Fold many the same shape of Origami, and make a big piece of box.
I really want to challenge more complicated shapes!!!

I heard my flat mate made 1000 Origami cranes one day with just two other girls!! That's crazy!!

Kazuko Hohki/Scratch performance stills at Battersea Art Centre

I was picking up stills of Kazuko Horki and Mervyn Millar's performance "REASONS FOR LIVING SCRATCH" which was performed on last May at Battersea Art Centre. Because they need to get photos for publishing.

I was shooting videos and editing it now. I helped performance as a performer, too. (Well,, even though it was really small appearance,,!)

The performance piece was amazing. People will experience the piece of performance to lying inside of a small tent. Then we can see the lights and sounds. We can not see any actors, so we can feel abstract lights and voices. The tent itself is dark, so audience can't expect what will happen next. The play's is short, but poetic, humour and warm. Kazuko's pieces are always amazing!!!!
Well,,, I'm still editing the video, so if I finish it, I will put on Web soon.

My new painting and drawing series

When my brain become confusion, I often play drawing or painting.
I used to do painting a lot when I was teenager, so I missed paints a lot.
I love absstaction, but this time, I painted portraits.
These are portraits about someone I met in my past.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ron Arad was on i-Bum! / Palm read by Bob and Roberta Smith

Ron Arad was on i-Bum today!
He said his trousers are Yoji Yamamoto. I scanned his Yojinized bum.
He visited our Resonance FM booth.

Also, Japanese contemporary painter Tomoko Nagai sat on my bum chair, too.
She is showing at Tomio Koyama gallery at frieze.
Her paints are visually entertaining, and fun. I like her work.I got a palm read by Bob and Roberta Smith. He is doing palm read to show how much I am suitable as an artist to raise funds for Resonance. Bob is a lovely guy.
I had a result, too. My palm read was not too bad??

I was on NHK BS2 Digital Stadium-

NHK Digital Stadium(Media art program run by National Japanese TV network) I was on was on air yesterday in Japan. Japanese celebrities was on the chair scan their bums.
Mainly i-Bum was focused, but at the same time, my other works, my interview was shown on NHK! Me and my work was on air more than 5 min.
I was chatting on twitter when it was on air real time at Frieze Art Fair, a lot of people enjoyed the show itself.

Repeat is on
NHK BS Hi  19 Oct(Sun)25:00-25:39
NHK BS Hi(Maybe on BS2,,, I didn't remember),, 23Oct Fri 11:00-11:39

Also, it would be on NHK world in worldwide. Sky(UK) has NHK world, too.
The schedule hasn't decided, but it should be on NHK world sometime soon!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Grayson Perry was on i-Bum / Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair started yesterday. I'm showing i-Bum and Life Tree @ Resonance FM booth.
Yesterday was Private View, so a lot of VIP people were coming to look around the show.
A lot of people tried to sit down on my chair, and I got a VIP bum!
Grayson Perry visited our Resonance booth, then he got a photo copy of his ass!

Actually, he was on the cover of today's gurdian's Frieze special magazine with the same outfit as he was sitting down on my chair.

I had positive responses from the night, so far so good.
I went to Frieze after party at Mayfair last night. That was quite posh and expensive night.

Frieze is still on until this Sunday! Come to see my work at Resonance FM booth, P12 on Frieze map-

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Sunday Times Culture Magagine, Creative Review September issue.

i-Bum was mentioned a bit on The Sunday Times Culture Magagine on 4October, 2009.
I put the scanned copy.
Also I attached scanned Creative Review September issue articles.

a little appearance on The sunday times culture magazine.

Creative Review September issue, about graduates.
Top page of the graduate issue

Interview of my self, and explanation about i-Bum and Life Tree.
My quote is on the back cover!

i-Bum will be at Frieze Art Fair!

i-Bum will be at Frieze Art Fair, on 15-19th October at Regent Park.
I will show my chair at Reasonance FM booth.

Come to see my work. I will be there most times!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Creative Review TV link

I was interviewed by Creative Review TV! The video is about last exhibition party at Mother Ad Agency.

100%design, Designersblock photos

I put Designersblock photos on 24-27 Sep with some nice bums-.

I might show i-Bum at Frieze Art Fair next week? Hopefully this opportunity will go well.
And I will be on LCC's college promotion video which will be produced by Kin design which I worked as an intern before by accident!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I've been to Paris last weekend.
Paris is always poetic and girly city!
Great foods and cultures.

I show some pictures in Paris.

antique market

metro paintings


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

100% design, designers block is done!

i-Bum on 100%design at designer's block is finally finished!
Nearly 300 people were scanned their bums!
I could promote my work to a lot of people.
I will create a blog which is focused on just bums,,,!!

Thank you for tring my pieces, and I am glad to see many smiles--!

i-Bum will be on Domus(Italy), onOffice magazine(UK) and the Sunday times.
Also nearly the day of broadcasting NHK Digital studium! 16th Oct 24:00-24:40

My interview and exhibiton party at Mother ad agancy video is on Creative Review website now.

Now, I am sitting down on my chair, and doing freelance web work and contacting to several companies for next work.
Also, I will help an Music event at the Union Chapel on 23 Oct. I will run a creature workshop,,, that will be fun.

Thank you for everyone!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Party@Mother ad agency

A party @ Mother ad agency held and went reall well!

Finally, my chair worked well and I could see a lot of people and my friends there.
Thank you for coming to my show-
A lot of people scanned, and printed thir ass. I need to thank to everyone.
Before the exhibition, I maintained the chair until 2:30am,,, that was hard,,
But, well, I could make it work well finally. That was brilliant. I figured out what was wrong on the chair.

I was interviewed by Creative Review HD cam, so my video interview will be on CR blog later on.

I took down everything yesterday. So my chair is now at home.(It is my first time I got the chair at my home. It used to be at Uni. )

And I found the timetable for my appearance on NHK(Japanese national TV)

NHK Digital Stadium

NHK BS2-17Oct,0:00-0:40,
BS-Hi 19Oct 1:00-1:40,
23Oct 11:00-11:40(Repeat)

It might be on SKY,NHK world in UK later.
I will inform that if I will find the schedule.

Please check it out if you are living in Japan.
And I will be on Japanese festival @ spitalfields this weekend,, I was practicing the dance yesterday, that was fun...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New exhibition at Morher London

My new exhibition is at Mother Ad agency curated by Creative Review
I will show i-Bum and Life tree there.

Biscuit Building, 10 Redchurch Street, London
(Just behind TEA building)

3-11 Sep (except weekend) 3-5 pm (Only the time for public,, because this space is one company's building.) Selection of work is so good and The space is really nice.

Come to see mine and other graduates work!

I am till sorting out my show now. I bought desks for display.
I need to continue to work tomorrow, too. I hope everything will come together nicely on 3 Sep-

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Creative Review September issue

Finally, Creative Review September issue is out!
My interview and photos are on!

iBum will be on

FHM Germany (I think that will be on September issue),
Feld Hommes(German creative magazine),

Also, I will be on Japanese TV!

NHK『Digital Studium』(I'm not still sure when it will be on air.)
The program will be on NHK world (It is world wide satelite channel. We can see on Sky, too. In my sky box, it is channel 516.)

Still I am in busy situation! I need to get to Shoreditch today to sort out my Mother exhibition.
I hope my scanner is working well,,, please!!!

I started my Japanese blog.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

this is my japanese mob.

i try to use mob update for twitter.its high tech! we dont have sms network,so i need to send new post via email addres on my mobile.

I'm in Tokyo.

I'm in Tokyo now.

I've been to ICC (Interactive art gallery run by NTT.) at Opera city, Hatsudai, Tokyo.
The exhibition space and collection was quite good. It's like japanese ARS electronica center.
I was excited to get into a silent room which John Cage was inspired his 4'33. The room kill every sound, and it was difficult to make conversation with friends. My friend, Ari said it was like a canadian snow mountain where she used to live. Every sound was absorbed and the space itself stands out rather than people themselves.

Mainly, in this holiday, I am meeting many friends, relatives and old bosses as much as possible.
I'm going out everyday, and I am trying to talk to many people.
Fortunately, most of my friends are media and art people. I met artists, designers and media directors. It was great to see them, and I was showing my latest works. I am quite lucky to have such a good friends. As same as London, creative industry in Japan is tough. Many friends are still looking for jobs. (Even though most of my friends are graduated three or two years ago. Well, I guess it is their second job since their graduation.) Job and salary cuts in big companies are common nowadays. Still I feel Japanese products are strong. A lot of original ideas which I never seen out side of the world. (Well, I often visit many countries including other south asian countries.) So still I think Japan is unique. But the most dissapointed thing is people lose their passion. I didn't see a lot of motivated people. Many people become tired and less communicative. That's real shame. I think London people are more motivative and creative.
However, Japan is quite spritual country, I guess our traditonal spritual ideas are strong, and the idea should be used as a exportable product to the world. Also Japanese technologies are amazing!

Friday, 24 July 2009

iBum will be on next Creative Review

Before my deperture of Japanese holiday, I was interviewed by Creative Review in their office.
I visited oxford circus with a big suits case. (Just before my airbus,) And I hope I didn't say stupid things too much; Well, well. See what happens!

The issue will be out in middle week of august within 6 graduated students who picked up by CR.
And I will have new exhibition at the Mother Ad agency's Lobby in London, 3-12 September which was organized by CR.
Also iBum will be on FHM Germany in autum, too. ( How cool, isn't it?!)

I appreciate everyone's attention to my work--!!

I arrived Japan safely!

After 11 hours flight from London, finally I arrived Tokyo yesterday.
Tokyo is quite rainy, but it doesn't too hot rather than I expected.

Today was the day to sort out important official documents, but I am spending good time here!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

iBum is on a Canadian online magazine!

iBum is on a Canadian ecology online magazine, Green Muse!

Also, iBum was invited to be on several magazines, too.

I really appreciate about everyone's interest.
I will fly to Tokyo tomorrow, but I will be back to London in middle week of August.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

iBum and Joyster pics in LCC degree show

left) iBum on LCC summer graduation Exhibition - my friend chris is on my iBum
right) an audience is looking into iBum shuffle

left- my friend Tom is playing Joyster
right- Joyster is working with my card!

I put my pics I took in London College of Communication on 3 July 2009.
On You Tube's comments, someone doubt iBum is fake. So I need to defeat the rumor-
Well, as you can see, it is actual working piece in real life!
Particularly on the exhibition, iBum shuffle was working, too. I was displaying nearly 200 pictures randomly everyday on a screen beside a chair.

Also, a lot of audiences are interested in Joyster project, too.
People are happy to see different colour, size and rotate speed of flowers with their cards.

You can see my videos on

iBum (on You Tube) (on Vimeo)