Tuesday, 29 September 2009

100% design, designers block is done!

i-Bum on 100%design at designer's block is finally finished!
Nearly 300 people were scanned their bums!
I could promote my work to a lot of people.
I will create a blog which is focused on just bums,,,!!

Thank you for tring my pieces, and I am glad to see many smiles--!

i-Bum will be on Domus(Italy), onOffice magazine(UK) and the Sunday times.
Also nearly the day of broadcasting NHK Digital studium! 16th Oct 24:00-24:40

My interview and exhibiton party at Mother ad agancy video is on Creative Review website now.

Now, I am sitting down on my chair, and doing freelance web work and contacting to several companies for next work.
Also, I will help an Music event at the Union Chapel on 23 Oct. I will run a creature workshop,,, that will be fun.

Thank you for everyone!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Party@Mother ad agency

A party @ Mother ad agency held and went reall well!

Finally, my chair worked well and I could see a lot of people and my friends there.
Thank you for coming to my show-
A lot of people scanned, and printed thir ass. I need to thank to everyone.
Before the exhibition, I maintained the chair until 2:30am,,, that was hard,,
But, well, I could make it work well finally. That was brilliant. I figured out what was wrong on the chair.

I was interviewed by Creative Review HD cam, so my video interview will be on CR blog later on.

I took down everything yesterday. So my chair is now at home.(It is my first time I got the chair at my home. It used to be at Uni. )

And I found the timetable for my appearance on NHK(Japanese national TV)

NHK Digital Stadium

NHK BS2-17Oct,0:00-0:40,
BS-Hi 19Oct 1:00-1:40,
23Oct 11:00-11:40(Repeat)

It might be on SKY,NHK world in UK later.
I will inform that if I will find the schedule.

Please check it out if you are living in Japan.
And I will be on Japanese festival @ spitalfields this weekend,, I was practicing the dance yesterday, that was fun...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

New exhibition at Morher London

My new exhibition is at Mother Ad agency curated by Creative Review
I will show i-Bum and Life tree there.

Biscuit Building, 10 Redchurch Street, London
(Just behind TEA building)

3-11 Sep (except weekend) 3-5 pm (Only the time for public,, because this space is one company's building.) Selection of work is so good and The space is really nice.

Come to see mine and other graduates work!

I am till sorting out my show now. I bought desks for display.
I need to continue to work tomorrow, too. I hope everything will come together nicely on 3 Sep-