Saturday, 17 October 2009

Ron Arad was on i-Bum! / Palm read by Bob and Roberta Smith

Ron Arad was on i-Bum today!
He said his trousers are Yoji Yamamoto. I scanned his Yojinized bum.
He visited our Resonance FM booth.

Also, Japanese contemporary painter Tomoko Nagai sat on my bum chair, too.
She is showing at Tomio Koyama gallery at frieze.
Her paints are visually entertaining, and fun. I like her work.I got a palm read by Bob and Roberta Smith. He is doing palm read to show how much I am suitable as an artist to raise funds for Resonance. Bob is a lovely guy.
I had a result, too. My palm read was not too bad??

I was on NHK BS2 Digital Stadium-

NHK Digital Stadium(Media art program run by National Japanese TV network) I was on was on air yesterday in Japan. Japanese celebrities was on the chair scan their bums.
Mainly i-Bum was focused, but at the same time, my other works, my interview was shown on NHK! Me and my work was on air more than 5 min.
I was chatting on twitter when it was on air real time at Frieze Art Fair, a lot of people enjoyed the show itself.

Repeat is on
NHK BS Hi  19 Oct(Sun)25:00-25:39
NHK BS Hi(Maybe on BS2,,, I didn't remember),, 23Oct Fri 11:00-11:39

Also, it would be on NHK world in worldwide. Sky(UK) has NHK world, too.
The schedule hasn't decided, but it should be on NHK world sometime soon!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Grayson Perry was on i-Bum / Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair started yesterday. I'm showing i-Bum and Life Tree @ Resonance FM booth.
Yesterday was Private View, so a lot of VIP people were coming to look around the show.
A lot of people tried to sit down on my chair, and I got a VIP bum!
Grayson Perry visited our Resonance booth, then he got a photo copy of his ass!

Actually, he was on the cover of today's gurdian's Frieze special magazine with the same outfit as he was sitting down on my chair.

I had positive responses from the night, so far so good.
I went to Frieze after party at Mayfair last night. That was quite posh and expensive night.

Frieze is still on until this Sunday! Come to see my work at Resonance FM booth, P12 on Frieze map-

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Sunday Times Culture Magagine, Creative Review September issue.

i-Bum was mentioned a bit on The Sunday Times Culture Magagine on 4October, 2009.
I put the scanned copy.
Also I attached scanned Creative Review September issue articles.

a little appearance on The sunday times culture magazine.

Creative Review September issue, about graduates.
Top page of the graduate issue

Interview of my self, and explanation about i-Bum and Life Tree.
My quote is on the back cover!

i-Bum will be at Frieze Art Fair!

i-Bum will be at Frieze Art Fair, on 15-19th October at Regent Park.
I will show my chair at Reasonance FM booth.

Come to see my work. I will be there most times!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Creative Review TV link

I was interviewed by Creative Review TV! The video is about last exhibition party at Mother Ad Agency.

100%design, Designersblock photos

I put Designersblock photos on 24-27 Sep with some nice bums-.

I might show i-Bum at Frieze Art Fair next week? Hopefully this opportunity will go well.
And I will be on LCC's college promotion video which will be produced by Kin design which I worked as an intern before by accident!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I've been to Paris last weekend.
Paris is always poetic and girly city!
Great foods and cultures.

I show some pictures in Paris.

antique market

metro paintings