Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tohoku London project will be on Japanese TV!

Tohoku London project which is collaboration design project between Northern Japan and London designers I organize will be on Japanese TV!

NHK BS1, 12 September (Mon) 11PM El Mundo

NHK is kind of BBC in Japan. This is national TV. So I am really excited to be on again!
(They put my iBum 2009 on different NHK TV programme.)

If you are in Japan, check it out-.

This is a link for the programme.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

FrankChickens gig at Barbican at 24th July 2011

I helped FrankChickens gig at Barbican Centre on 23 July as a dancer (hahaha).
It was great gig and had fun a lot.

Thanks for everyone coming, Kazuko and Chickens guys!!!

The show received good review here.

Gig's video "We are ninja"

frank chickens at barbican
Set List

frank chickens at barbican

frank chickens at barbican

King Lear

Oshibe is on Creative Review Blog

Oshibe is on Creative Review blog now!
It was via last exhibition, "The Space Between" article.

Other works on the exhibition are featured, too. It was delightful interactive design and art exhibition, so see them on the link below.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More photos at "The Space Between" exhibition at Canary Wharf

I took more photos about my current group exhibition "The Space Between"
at Create house at Canary Wharf.

My work, Oshibe and Hands, on are at there.





Friday, 15 July 2011

The space Between at Canary Wharf

Installation of iBum


I am showing my iBum and Oshibe at The Space between, it is a part of Create the right side of Lodon 

This show is collaboration exhibition of LCCのInteractive and Moving Image and Nexus Productions.

I am alumni of this course, so I could get a space on the exhibition.
Mainly this year's graduated students are showing there, but some alumni including me showed there, too.

The exhibition itself is on going till 23rd July. 12-8pm.

Create House, 2-4 Heron Quays, E14 4JB, Tower Hamlets (3 minute walk from Canary Wharf tube) 

Strawberries!! It's part of installation


After party

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Art Mosh Munich 2011 Febuary






I forgot to post the article for a while,,, sorry..
I had a great exhibition at Munich last February. It was Art Mosh Munich sponsored by Nixon.
I showed my iBum at Art Mosh London, too. London one went really well, so I was called by Art Mosh again.
The space was huge and lovely. And my iBum was exhibited amazing booth! wow!
It was second time to exhibit iBum at Germany, and they liked the scanner chair again. That's great.

I appreciated Paddy Barstow at Art Mosh, other Art Mosh people and other artist there!

Art mosh website




I went to famous BMW museum there. Zaha's building was dynamic. And exhibition space was just amazing, expensive high spec museum space.

New exhibition at Canary Wharf, PV 14th July

the space between

I have new exhibition at Canary Wharf.
The exhibition itself start from this week for a month, but I will specially show my work just on private view on 14th July from 6:30- 11PM.
It is joint exhibition of LCC BA GMD Interactive and moving image pathway and Nexus productions. So mainly interactive students work there, and several alumni's works including me, RCA graduates, too. I will show my Oshibe and iBum.
Well, the space is big (it is a whole ex-office building), so it would be fun.
If you are living close to here, please come to see my work-!

The Space Between


Create house
2-4 Heron Quays
Tower Hamlets
London E14 4JP

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Give-a-Smile Toys project in Japan

I was in Japan for Give -a-Smile Toys project and Tohoku London project in June.

Give-a-Smile toys project went really well. This is a project which is soft toy kit project with other 5 British and Japanese Designers, Alix Timney, Lianne Mellor, Daisuke Hiraiwa, Tomomi Sayuda and Rachael O'neill. This project's concept is giving an opportunity to make something to the Tsunami Suffered children in Northern Japan. So five designers designed soft toys kits and I went to Japan represent and PR the kits. If one kit is sold, another one is sent to Tsunami suffered children. The project is organized by BEDG which is British NPO which gives opportunities for young designers. And I often am helped by them.
I am one of the designers of the "Give-a-Smile Toys Project."
I had an exhibition at Tokyo big sight on "Interior Lifestyle Tokyo"exhibition.
The exhibition went welll and the project was on Asahi shimbun and Jiji tsushin.
And many buyers showed interest to it.
I really appreciated Karin-Beate Phillips at BEDG who organized such a lovely project and opportunity, Kuriko Komatsu who coordinated the booth and Takumi Shimamura who helped stand arranges.

Asahi Shimbun article (4 June 2011, Tokyo area version)

Tokyo big sight

This is my work for Give-a-Smile Toys
This is Fukuwarai doll which is Japanese traditional character which has quote of "Happy go Lucky"

After the exhibition, I went to Tsunami Suffered area to have a workshop of Soft toys with children over there.
I went to Ishinomaki via Sendai on a bus. Then NPO JEN supported to pick me up and give us a car to Higashihama School.

These are links about jen and their blog about our GAST project

Sendai-Ishinomaki delays, so it took 2:30 hours to get to. Also I needed to take another car from the center of Ishinomaki.
The bus was full of people, so some people can't be on the bus.
At Ishinomaki, there are a lot of volunteer's cars from Tokyo, Aomori, Kobe,,,.

At Higashihama school, I had a soft toy making workshop.




With Children



With Head teacher, Mr Tsunoda


Racheal O'neill's Glovy Lovys

I went there to give the toy kits and do a workshop there.
The work shop is making toys with needles and scissors. The toys are sent by UK.
This was small school with just 24 children. 7-12years students there.
Many children haven't used to use needles, but other teachers helped us.
Children are really enjoying, honest and well concentrated. Some children wanted to customize it by themselves.

But still sensitive about tsunami issues, so the head teacher, Tsunoda-san mentioned about he is careering about the children's mental problems.

70% of the houses are collapsed around the area. Also this is far from city centre, so trashes aren't taken out. So the school worked as shelter of the area yet. Pepole are living as fisherman. So their ships are washed, too.

Mr. Tsunoda mentioned children become more happier rather than before, but still there are a lot of mental shocks. So his school is welcome to have happy workshops outside their area.
I thought if many schools are open for visitors like us, it would be better to make connection from non-suffered people and suffered people. .

This workshop was picked up on Jiji tsushin. Then shown on Yahoo news, goo news,,, and many places.

The day was just before 100 days after tsunami. So there are a lot of cars of self defense for doing the final search.
The area I went is still needed to have help. I took some photos of the area.





But people live there are so optimistic and didn't look back old days. And they are working hard.

And already fisherman started to work in the such a situation.


More information about this project is on 「Give-a-Smile Toys」.
And I appreciated NPO Jen, Mr.Tsunoda and teachers at Higashihama school, and my friend, Yoshie Miura who helped the workshop under such a difficult time.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Long time no see- I was at north Japan.

I came back from Japan two days ago to London.
I was there for a month for an exhibition at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo and new project "Tohoku London". Tohoku London is a collaboration product project about London designers and north Japan's craftsmanship.
I visited tsunami suffered area in North and had a workshop for children.
I will explain more about it soon-!
I had been done tons of things at there!!!!







Well, still in east area, there are a lot of places where they still haven't cured by Tsunami disaster. It was quite shocking scenes around there...