Saturday, 27 February 2010

Senses of Japan (1) -Japanese food TV expression-

I made new video!

Senses of Japan (1) -Japanese food TV expression-

Check it out!

And today is Kings place here,fishy, fishy around 6pm

Come to see it---

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Kings place, LCF project, interactive performance

I will play fishing at Kings place on 27th Feb for Arctic Circle event, so I had a meeting last Friday.
It was amazing place and meeting went well-

LCF exhibition which I was helping at kin-design, successfully finished last Friday.
I helped designing touch screen graphics and building the installation.
The installation looks really attractive, and beautiful! I am so lucky to be involved such a good project.

I went to my friend's exhibition "Usefull Useless" at Bricklane.
The fashion work was done by Christina Tao. Interactive fashion with sounds and lights.
The performance at private view was interesting.


I will update my website today--- Several new projects are needed to be on my web.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I set up my bum blog!!!

I was showing i-Bum at IMM Cologne(International furniture fair), Germany for 6days from 19-24 January.
It was quite good opportunity to show. I got attentions from publishers and TV crews. And a lot of German audiences loved it. I took nearly 350 bum pictures during the fair.

Then, finally, I set up a bum picture blog. Yesterday, I just put two days results in Germany.
So I will put more pictures little by little.

I hope you will enjoy the blog

Also, on 27th February, I will show new social interactive piece of work at Kings place at Kings Cross. The venue is lower ground floor of guardian building.
The show is the part of the venue The Bubbly Blue and Green organized by Arctic Circle.
I often help Arctic Circle and they are curating amazing and artistic events. Check it out---
The brainstorming of the event is tomorrow,,,,

And, tonight, there is a private view of LCF MA show in Mall Gallery at Trafalgar square which I helped graphic design and building for a interactive sculpture and touch screen at Kin-design.

The work looks really beautiful and I was so glad to be involved in such a great project.
I am editing this video now, so I will show it soon-.

Have a nice evening-