Friday, 20 December 2013

V&A talk tonight! and New work "The Mask of Soul" has been uploaded!

I will have an interactive design talk session "This happened London" at Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
If you are around in London, please come to see me. It is reservation only event, please sign up on the website below. Resistration fee, 5 pounds are refundable normally after the talk session.

Also, I uploaded new work, 'The Mask of Soul', too.
Here is my statement of this work! Basically the mask is designed for shy people to speak their voice up to public!

'The mask of soul' gives psychological strength to be able to speak in public. 
It's a black mask, which hides the speaker's identity and creates a small privacy in a public space. 
Its microphone picks up the speaker's voice and plays it loud from the speaker on the top of the mask.
The idea is inspired by my personal experience of once having gone to karaoke with a very quiet shy friend, when he started to sing songs very loudly in the karaoke room. I would like to discuss through this work how small privacy gives psychological freedom in public.

The Mask of Soul - Tomomi Sayuda from tomomisayuda on Vimeo.

Also, I uploaded small project for fun which is called "Augmented realitish video". Which is look-a-like aufmented reality, but created by very basic principal...!

I hope you enjoy it!!

Augumented Realitish Video -Test &Play- / Tomomi Sayuda from tomomisayuda on Vimeo.

Also, my small sculpture, 'Hand, on' is still on a show at Flowers Kingsland Road, till 4 January 2014. Check this out, too!

Have a lovely Christmas time!