Wednesday, 29 July 2009

this is my japanese mob.

i try to use mob update for twitter.its high tech! we dont have sms network,so i need to send new post via email addres on my mobile.

I'm in Tokyo.

I'm in Tokyo now.

I've been to ICC (Interactive art gallery run by NTT.) at Opera city, Hatsudai, Tokyo.
The exhibition space and collection was quite good. It's like japanese ARS electronica center.
I was excited to get into a silent room which John Cage was inspired his 4'33. The room kill every sound, and it was difficult to make conversation with friends. My friend, Ari said it was like a canadian snow mountain where she used to live. Every sound was absorbed and the space itself stands out rather than people themselves.

Mainly, in this holiday, I am meeting many friends, relatives and old bosses as much as possible.
I'm going out everyday, and I am trying to talk to many people.
Fortunately, most of my friends are media and art people. I met artists, designers and media directors. It was great to see them, and I was showing my latest works. I am quite lucky to have such a good friends. As same as London, creative industry in Japan is tough. Many friends are still looking for jobs. (Even though most of my friends are graduated three or two years ago. Well, I guess it is their second job since their graduation.) Job and salary cuts in big companies are common nowadays. Still I feel Japanese products are strong. A lot of original ideas which I never seen out side of the world. (Well, I often visit many countries including other south asian countries.) So still I think Japan is unique. But the most dissapointed thing is people lose their passion. I didn't see a lot of motivated people. Many people become tired and less communicative. That's real shame. I think London people are more motivative and creative.
However, Japan is quite spritual country, I guess our traditonal spritual ideas are strong, and the idea should be used as a exportable product to the world. Also Japanese technologies are amazing!

Friday, 24 July 2009

iBum will be on next Creative Review

Before my deperture of Japanese holiday, I was interviewed by Creative Review in their office.
I visited oxford circus with a big suits case. (Just before my airbus,) And I hope I didn't say stupid things too much; Well, well. See what happens!

The issue will be out in middle week of august within 6 graduated students who picked up by CR.
And I will have new exhibition at the Mother Ad agency's Lobby in London, 3-12 September which was organized by CR.
Also iBum will be on FHM Germany in autum, too. ( How cool, isn't it?!)

I appreciate everyone's attention to my work--!!

I arrived Japan safely!

After 11 hours flight from London, finally I arrived Tokyo yesterday.
Tokyo is quite rainy, but it doesn't too hot rather than I expected.

Today was the day to sort out important official documents, but I am spending good time here!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

iBum is on a Canadian online magazine!

iBum is on a Canadian ecology online magazine, Green Muse!

Also, iBum was invited to be on several magazines, too.

I really appreciate about everyone's interest.
I will fly to Tokyo tomorrow, but I will be back to London in middle week of August.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

iBum and Joyster pics in LCC degree show

left) iBum on LCC summer graduation Exhibition - my friend chris is on my iBum
right) an audience is looking into iBum shuffle

left- my friend Tom is playing Joyster
right- Joyster is working with my card!

I put my pics I took in London College of Communication on 3 July 2009.
On You Tube's comments, someone doubt iBum is fake. So I need to defeat the rumor-
Well, as you can see, it is actual working piece in real life!
Particularly on the exhibition, iBum shuffle was working, too. I was displaying nearly 200 pictures randomly everyday on a screen beside a chair.

Also, a lot of audiences are interested in Joyster project, too.
People are happy to see different colour, size and rotate speed of flowers with their cards.

You can see my videos on

iBum (on You Tube) (on Vimeo)


Meeting for an interactive art exhibition on November

I had a meeting with David, Christina and Chen at Central Saint Martins.
David is organiging new interactive exhibition which supposed to be happened in November as his final project.
It is a collaborative project with other students form different background with other asian students. It was the first meeting to see other students excluded David.

David is MA fashion management student in LCF from Beijing. Christina graduated CSM BA womens fashion from Hong Kong. Chen is MA stage design in CSM from Shanghai.

Then I might help some interaction part on this exhibiton.
The exhibition is based on Fashion with interaction. I haven't seen other artist's work, but Christina's her final garmets are quite playful and tactile. I liked them.

David's organizing is quite good. He is helpful and friendly. I know most of student works are done by last minutes, but his time scheduling is precise, and always sending infomation with other artists. I am quite happy to help his project. I hope I will not too busy on next November.

Friday, 17 July 2009

I graduated finally!

Me on Hakama

Westminster central hall

With my dear tutor, Joel. He named "iBum"!!! He is an excellent tutor!!!

I attended my graduation ceremony of London College of Communication BA Graphic and Media design. It was held at Westminster central hall.

I was wearing Hakama which is Japanese formal dress. So It was heavy to walk around, but I had a good day.
The clothes are really popular in Japan for graduation ceremony, but it isn't in UK. So everyone was looking me,say wow! and taking pictures. It was great experience.
I was preparing to wear it since May, so I am glad to do it. Thanks my mum to send it to London.
My friend, Ricca helped me to wear the kimono from 8:30 am. It took half hour to put on. (It is difficult to wear by myself...)
She is a professional Kimono dresser based on London. So if you want to wear kimono properly,
I can introduce her. I really appreciated her help!! She is great!

The hall was great place, and I was really happy to see my classmates and tutors!
Many thanks, everyone!

By the way, my iBum's video is viewed by 24000 people!
I need to thank everyone again!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

News page

I changed news page on my web.

I have my graduation ceremony tomorrow! I should sleep now...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Antwacky by Hassan Mahrdy

Hassan Mahrdy who did the desire lines project (It is on with me before, his new film is absolutely amazing work.

Sharp, fun and meaningful!!

Check his "Antwacky" video on the link below

Desire lines in Peckham

I put another interactive work on my web

The work is called DesireLines in Peckham.
I done it last year with Ayesha, Lucy, Chandra and Hassan last year.
It is an interactive animation which with work with audience's standing position.
You can enjoy 4 abstract animations within four foot print buttons.

It was my first physical interaction work, and we had positive feedback.
Check the video on You Tube

Kings place photos

I put some photos of kings place in Kings cross.
I visited there last week for getting ideas of new music event which I will help on February 2009.
The event is organized by Arctic circle which is London based experimental music organization.
I have already associated them twice in last two years. And this event's organizer, Ben Eshmade liked my "Here, fishy fishy" performance which I have done at the Union Chapel in last December.
Ben wants to get new human interactive fun stuff within new venue on next February.
We are still thinking about ideas, but it should be enjoyable thing. He wants to make the event something beyond a music event.
We were talking the idea to move projector by trolleys within the place by strange eskimos. Or do some face painting? Still we have many possibilities!

I am really appreciated to Ben for inviting me such a great opportunity.
The Kings Place is brand new, and lovely clean venue!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

my iBum video was accessed by nearly 7000people!

I really appreciated to be accessed to my iBum video by a lot of people.
It is amazing for me, now it was viewed nearly 7000 people.
It was 30 views two weeks ago. I hope I can show the work more bigger places.

By the way, I am thinking to buy High definition video camera.
I used to use uni's HD cam, but I am no longer a student. So I need to buy one by myself.
Maybe I might buy Sony's XR500V. Looks like it is cheaper in Japan.
So I might buy it in Japan. But a problem is it is NTSC if I will buy it in Japan, mmm,, it might be problematic. But, if I will transfer every datas to my computer, then if I convert into PAL, that should be all right. Well, I need to think about it later on. But definately I need to buy good quality video cam. I have a SD cam, but it is horrible picture. I can't stand the quality at all...
So, I will think about it soon--!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I updated my client's website.

I have uploaded a british comtemporary photographer, Moira Lovell's website.

I haven't changed the site since I designed last year, but she is doing really well for her art.
Check her photos and profie on the link-.

Her photographs are quite strong, and visually speaking! I like her photos.

I will upload, other clients, Ryoko Mutasono, and new Kazuko Hohki's site soon, too.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Interactive funny new project at Kings place on Feb

I visited Kings Place in Kings Cross for new project.

I will help Arctic Circle event on next February as an interactive artist.
Arctic Circle is an experimental music label.
I helped them twice as the Peskimos directed by Kazuko Hohki at the Union Chapel in Islington.

Kings place was really modern and brandnew place.
I am excited to be involved the project!
Still we are brainstorming the ideas. I will put details of the project when everything become together.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Thanks for coming to my final year show!

I am really sorry I haven't updated my blog for ages.
But finally, my final year show, BA graphic and media design @London College communication was finished.
I really appliciated a lot of people are coming to see my work!
Because of maintainance reason, I need to be at Gallery every day. But it was good effect for me to get opportunity how people will react to my work.
I could get a lot of positive feedbacks for iBum and Joyster projects.

And, iBum is on Creative Review Blog now!

I hope I can show my work in big spaces.

I started twitter, too.
My login name is tomomisayuda
If you are interested in, follow me--

I will kick off new web cliant project tomorrow!
And I will update more often from now on--!!