Monday, 15 November 2010

iBum book vol.1/ Tomomi Sayuda

Tent Digital on Tent London's exhibition was finished successfully.
I appreciated everyone who is coming to see my work.
Tent's exhibition was quite active and in the end, I got a lot of interests and offers, for instance new exhibition offers, press and networking.
A lot of people liked my Oshibe, iBum and origami shades. I will show my pictures at Tent later.

I had press requests from Korean and Taiwanese magazines, and many blog publishing offers.

The international magazine of space design 'BOB'(Korea)
ARCH Luxury Magazine(Taiwan)

By the way, I haven't sorted out pictures which is taken so far properly. So I decided I publish a book on demand. I selected 100 bum pictures from Tent London (Sorry, I couldn't put all of pictures. In the end I got nealy 500 pictures for 4 days! I appreciated all of your interests.)
Every pictures are anonymous, and I selected enjoyable and fun pictures rather than sexual shots. Also I categorized similar pictures in order.
It's amazing to see our part of body and fashion with nice detail. It's a pictorial book about bum fashion.

I put several samples on this page. You can buy this book now on blurb website!
It's called "iBum book vol.1/ Tomomi Sayuda"

I hope you can have a fun with this book.
I'm thinking to have series of the book in different location. It might be interesting to see the difference between different occasions.

Also I have two coming exhibitions.
25 November 2010 Art Mosh, London(iBum)

February 2011 Kinetica Art Fair (Oshibe)

Thanks everyone,

Tomomi Sayuda

Tent small-bum
Buy "iBum book vol.1"on