Monday, 22 March 2010

Kazuko Hohki's new web is updated!

I designed and made Kazuko Hohki and Frankchickens's new website!!
it is on

Check it out!!! Really modern, fun and Japanesey design---------

It will be listed on British Library Live Art Web Collection. ( Kazuko is a successful live artist, her work is amazing!)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

LCF project at kin is updated on my web!!!!

I updated my web! I put "LCF Masters" project and "Senses of Japan project".
Particularly, the LCF Masters project at kin design is great interactive work I involved-
Check it here--

At kin, we are making massive origami sculpture plus LED projection now-
I am designing the origami sets and making,,!! These are massive!!

Massive brain wash machine???

Massive building parts were moving last week,,, what is that??

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Kings place,- Kings place---!

I finished "Here, fishy fishy"project last Saturday on Arctic Circle's "the bubbly blue and green" music event at Kings place .
It was successful! A lot of people loved it! I just put an image now,,,(I have more images, but its on my video camera.)This is my fishing web cam projection on a wall.

I am doing origami design at kin design again!
But it is huge origami project for a exhibition design for Helen Story at Kings Place.
By accident, I have two projects at Kings place in this two weeks.
That's amazing-.
We were

Massive origami! fold with my bottom!!