Monday, 28 January 2013

Platform 17 video and new Future iPhone project video has been updated.

New videos I was editing has been updated! Platform 17 RCA video and new version of Future iPhone video! Have a look! By the way, we have a work in progress show from this Wednesday at Royal College of Art, South Kensington building. From evening time. (I guess 6pm,,,) Come along to have a look. We are very busy before the show;

Calling the Future / Platform 17 at Royal College of Art, MA Design Products from tomomisayuda on Vimeo.

New version (I added V&A scenes) of my Future iPhone project video.

Future iPhone / Tomomi Sayuda from tomomisayuda on Vimeo.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Comic workshop at RCA

I attended a comic workshop at RCA yesterday. 
It was so fun exercise to create comic with others. 
We made very surreal comic in the end. 
Those are result of yesterday. 
I created a character called Boeee. 
And script was created by exercise of creating individual sentences one by one. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Oshibe and Daydream were on Surface Design Magazine

My projects, Oshibe and Daydream were on a US magazine Surface Design Journal  Fall 2011 Issue in two pages. I appreciate to editors to pick my work.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Muscat, Oman 7-9 Jan 2013

I used Oman air to Mumbai, so I could have free stopover at Muscat, capital of Oman. 
So I booked two nights at there. I will report how it was. 
Well, Oman was so rich country because of oil money. 
The city itself is so beautiful, clean and safe. It was very amazing since I haven`t expected much before departure. 
There is not many public transport, so we should use taxies many times, so it costs a lot, but except that I enjoyed staying there. 27 degree and no rain. Very nice time to visit in January.

Leaving Mumbai airport. 

 Matrah hotel. The best budget hotel in Oman.
Yes, it was right. 40 pounds per night and very clean and nice interior plus free buffet breakfast.

 Clothes shops
 Full of frankinsense
 Perfume shop. People love perfume.

 Oman real. Very colourful notes.
 decoration shops
 The grand mosque

 Amazing building!
 Interior of grand mosque. Pretty new building, but well build

 Huge carpet!
 Mosque details

 Grand mosque again

 near beach

 King is everywhere. an entrance of shopping mall

 shopping mall. Gold

 Seaside. Very clear sea.
 Nice seaside walk
 Decoration of the sea walk! No one there!!
 Dinner. 6 pounds for all set. Very reasonable and delicious lamb chop.

 King`s palace. Of course well build and nice.
 Kuwait TV

 Cartoon Network characters are on Muslim costumes.