Monday, 20 October 2014

The Mask of Soul was on Channel 4, Daily Brunch!

The Mask of Soul was on Channel 4, Daily Brunch!

My masks were wore by British TV presenters, Tim Lovejoy & Simon Rimmer! Video footage can be seen on 4 on demand (around 23:13 time on its footage.) 
It was exciting to see my masks were on Channel 4! It is my first British TV appearance. (Well, I wasn't on TV, but I'm very pleased to see my work at there, and my name has been mentioned, too.)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mask of Soul is on a Dutch Newspaper "Het Parool"!

The Mask of Soul has been published on a Dutch Newspaper, "Het Parool"! 
Thanks a lot for the article writer, Jochem van Staalduine! 
Also my interview has been published on blog.
I appreciate the article by Michael Sullivan!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

My mask is on BBC!!!!

My "Mask of Soul" and interview were published on BBC news, business section!
I really appreciate a video journalist, Dougal Shaw at BBC.
The interview curved its deep origin of my mask, and the video has been edited dramatically. I haven't expected the 30 min interview become such touchy finish.
I was contacted by some other media, so I hope those are online sometime soon, too!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Desktop Fireworks is on AXIS October 2014 issue!

My graduation work at RCA, "Desktop Fireworks" was featured on Major Japanese Product Design Magazine, AXIS, October 2014 issue. 
I'm very glad to be on such a legendary and exclusive media. 
日本のプロダクトデザイン雑誌AXISの10月号にDesktop Fireworksが今年のRCAのデザインプロダクト学科を代表するような形で掲載されました。

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Mask of Soul was on the Sun!

The Mask of Soul was on The Sun (online), 17 June 2014! Selected as pictures of the day! 

My mask was on The Independent! (Printed!)

The Mask of Soul was on the Independent, page 9, 17th June 2014 with nice quote, "Art world's new faces". My work appeared as if the represent of whole of RCA show 2014! Fantastic! 

Mask was on the Huffington post, live pictures of the day!

The Mask of Soul was on The Huffington Post, UK, in 16th June 2014. 
The picture taken by Press Association has been selected as one of the live news pictures of the day! 

The Mask of Soul was on the week pictures of the week by The Telegraph

The Mask of Soul was on the week in pictures on The Telegraph 20th June, 2014!
Originally it was on the picture of the day by Telegraph. And the picture was selected again for pictures of the week besides sports, royal and celebrity news pictures!

The Mask of Soul was on BT News

The Mask of Soul was on BT News on 17th June, 2014!

Exhibition at Zaragoza, Spain. Publicity on a local paper on April 2014

I was on Heraldo de Aragon 6 April 2014, when I was at an exhibition opening of International Art Expo at Club Nautico de Zaragoza.
I showed my first prototype of The Mask of Soul, and had a swearing competition. It was a great exhibition space with full of lovely people. I enjoyed so much.

The Mask of Soul was on Dutch Newspaper

The Mask of Soul was on Dutch Newspaper, 7days, on 11 July 2014. 
The article looks big and I heard I had a positive comment!(My Dutch Friend read to me. )
 I appreciate so much! 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

V&A talk, This Happened... London 20 December 2013 photos

It was a long time ago, but I should make an article about my talk at this happened... V&A. It was happened 20 December 2013, Friday night. I was luckily selected as one of guest speakers of this happened... London, which is an interactive design/art talk series. 
I was so proud to be listed such a well known talk series. 
I talked about my iBum project and work in progress version The Mask of Soul. Audiences seems enjoying my talk and I felt I could receive positive responses after the talk.  

Thank you for Kate Pincott @This happened London, to give me such a wonderful opportunity.

Media appearance list for The Mask of Soul and Desktop Fireworks

Thanks for everyone coming to RCA show!
I could get a lot of responses from press, industry and random audiences.
I still can't believe its huge result throughout two weeks show at South Kensington.
I could get responses for both Desktop Fireworks and The Mask of Soul. Particularly for The Mask of Soul, I got immediate press responses after my pictures are taken by Press Association. I appreciate so much about all interest to my work.Desktop fireworks had huge hit once it was featured on designboom, then my work has been seen by everywhere all over the world. And it creates many links to other web magazines. My videos on mine and RCA vimeo accounts counted nearly 6000 play times. (Well, basically videos are the same.)

Desktop Fireworks on my vimeo account
Desktop Fireworks on RCA Design Products

Here is the list of press responses so far.
11 newspapers and 15 web magazines so far

Newspaper (Web/Paper)

The Telegraph (on web, The Mask of Soul)
Pictures of the day 
A week in pictures

I archived this article in case for missing here. 
20 June 2014

The Independent
(on paper, The Mask of Soul) "Art world's new faces"
17 June 2014

The Huffington Post UK (Live News pictures of The day, The Mask of Soul)
(Archived link for the publicity is here.)

7 Days(on paper, Dutch Newspaper)
11July 2014

The Sun (on web, The Mask of Soul)
17 June 2014

The Courier and Advertiser (on paper, The Mask of Soul)

The Echo (on paper,The Mask of Soul)
17 June 2014

Morning Star (on paper, The Mask of soul )
17 June 2014

Glasgow Evening Times (on paper, The Mask of Soul)
17 June 2014

Jersey Evening Post (on Paper, The Mask of Soul)

Eastern Daily Press (on Paper, The Mask of Soul)

El Comercio (Peruvian newspaper, on web, Desktop Fireworks )

Web magazine

Mode(s) D'Emploi (French web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Hongkong Apple Next media (Web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Design Taxi (Design web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Mocoloco (Design web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Designboom (Design web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Designboom (Design web magazine, The Mask of Soul)

BT news (The Mask of Soul)

Spoon&Tamago  (Japanese culture web magazine, Desktop Fireworks) (Arabic web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Trend Hunter (US web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

City lab (US web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Graphism (French design web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Deface365 (Greek design blog, Desktop Fireworks)

Japanese Station (Indonesian Japanese trend forecasting web magazine, Desktop Fireworks) (Japanese design web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)

Don't kill my vibe (German design blog, Desktop Fireworks)

Home build life (Trend forecasting web magazine, Desktop Fireworks) (Italian web magazine, Desktop Fireworks)


RCA show official video clip (appear around 2:50, The Mask of Soul)

Thanks a lot again for everyone! And still I've already had interviews from more bigger press I can't tell you now. Very exciting time for me!

Monday, 31 March 2014

I will join an exhibition at Zaragoza, Spain on this Saturday!
I will perform "The Mask of Soul" swearing competition at gallery space as a part of exhibition "Border land" run by International Art Expo.  (
I am very excited to be there in this weekend!