Monday, 15 November 2010

iBum book vol.1/ Tomomi Sayuda

Tent Digital on Tent London's exhibition was finished successfully.
I appreciated everyone who is coming to see my work.
Tent's exhibition was quite active and in the end, I got a lot of interests and offers, for instance new exhibition offers, press and networking.
A lot of people liked my Oshibe, iBum and origami shades. I will show my pictures at Tent later.

I had press requests from Korean and Taiwanese magazines, and many blog publishing offers.

The international magazine of space design 'BOB'(Korea)
ARCH Luxury Magazine(Taiwan)

By the way, I haven't sorted out pictures which is taken so far properly. So I decided I publish a book on demand. I selected 100 bum pictures from Tent London (Sorry, I couldn't put all of pictures. In the end I got nealy 500 pictures for 4 days! I appreciated all of your interests.)
Every pictures are anonymous, and I selected enjoyable and fun pictures rather than sexual shots. Also I categorized similar pictures in order.
It's amazing to see our part of body and fashion with nice detail. It's a pictorial book about bum fashion.

I put several samples on this page. You can buy this book now on blurb website!
It's called "iBum book vol.1/ Tomomi Sayuda"

I hope you can have a fun with this book.
I'm thinking to have series of the book in different location. It might be interesting to see the difference between different occasions.

Also I have two coming exhibitions.
25 November 2010 Art Mosh, London(iBum)

February 2011 Kinetica Art Fair (Oshibe)

Thanks everyone,

Tomomi Sayuda

Tent small-bum
Buy "iBum book vol.1"on

Monday, 6 September 2010

I will show my Oshibe at Tent Digital at Tent London!


I won a free space at Tent digital in Tent London by a competition.
And, today I was confirmed to be shown there! That's great news.

Tent London is 23-26th September At Truman Brewery, London. (It is at Brick lane.)
I will show my Oshibe there. I haven't shown it in London, so I am so glad to get such a great opportunity to show! Everyone around me said Tent is good exhibition space, so I'm quite excited now. I should think about the space plan etc. now.

This is a link to Tent London.
I hope see you there-

Imperial war museum Duxford

I went to Imperial war museum Duxford to see the battle of britain air show.
I saw a lot of WW air planes and red arrows, these are quite interesting.
I quite liked old air plane graphics. It was a good experience I could go into some airplane's inside. It is quite amazing how our technology is changed in 50 or 70 years... I saw a lot of old GPS system there, these are quite simple, but I guess skilled people can operate these media, but now everyone has GPS our phone,,,

I put more photos on my flickr

Sunday, 5 September 2010

New book iBum is on is out!!!

My iBum is on a book now!
A book called "Never use pop up windows" by Anneloes van Gaalan
It is from Dutch art and design publisher, BIS publishers. (They are making cool books! Oh! so good-)

You can buy it on amazon.

It is my second time I am on a published book, but I couldn't receive a book iBum was on before. So I am pretty happy I could receive a printed book, and I could check they are selling on Amazon.

iBum is on 6 pages! wow! And this book is my favorite kind of small book! Other contents are quite interesting, and nice collection of digital designs. And it is not too expensive, ohhhh, great!

I appreciated Anneloes chosen iBum such a great book.

By the way, I will show my Oshibe at Tent Digital 23-26th Sep at Bricklane. (I am 80% sure.)
Looks like I won a free seat to show my work! wow! I will let you know once I found more detail.


Frankchickens gig at Stewart lee's live at Edinburgh Festival

We took a photo with Franz Ferdinand's vocal, Alex.

I'm helping Frankchickens which is a japanese pop performance group organized by Kazuko Hohki. (I made the website for her.)

Frankchickens won fosters comedy award with some good surprising accidents.

It appeared in BBC news, too. (Well, the article itself is quite objective, but it is good to be on. But it is true, we are not comedian;)

So, we were invited as a special secret guest of a British Comedian, Stewart Lee's live at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Surprisingly, there was another guest, too. It was Franz Ferdinand!!! (What? We haven't know till we arrived there.)
Venue- Edinburgh festival theatre

backstage was huge hall!!
Military tattoo guys
Performers were everywhere! If you wanna see everything, it might take 1 year?!
But it is true, there are tons of theatre performances. Amazing vive atmosphere!

at make up room. Proper room, right?
Fab stage! I heard nearly 2000 people can be there?
By accident, I met my friend, Morag there! It was completely by chance. I haven't seen her since I showed my work in ICFF New York. We were showing there together. Also she is living in Glasgow, so Edinburgh is not common place for us, but I met her, wow!!

It was two days short trip, but exciting trip with a lot of fun-- thanks Kazuko, and everyone- congratulations.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Robotic night at Tate Britain

I was helping Tate Britain late night on 7th August which is run by Arctic Circle.
I was wearing golden robotic costume made by Paddy Steer.

It was great fun- a lot of kids loved my robots.

Wallpaper customcover project

Wallpaper magazine custom cover project I was involved at kin design is on web!
I was at first interface design development, and editing the video I attached a link above.

Wallpaper magazine custom cover project is you can make your own cover via website, if you subscribe wallpaper August edition. Kin designed and developed the interface of making everyone's cover, and made a documentation video.

It was great project to be involved, and I was so happy my edited video is floating on wallpaper magazine website.

You can see other's cover gallery on wallpaper magazine website!

I subscribed mine and designed it! This is my cover.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Interior Life Style Tokyo 2-4 June

I showed my Oshibe at Interior life style Tokyo 2-4 June.
It was my first time to show my work in Tokyo, so I was so excited to show there!
I could make a lot of contacts and jounalist's attention at this show.

Good thing on this show was I could see what is going on Japanese product design industry.
It is quite tough time for them, but still there are a lot of potentials which can appeal to the world.

I really appreciated British European Design Group, UK Trade and Investment who helped my Tokyo and New York Exhibitions.

Exhibition at Tokyo Big sight

I saw a lot of old friends who I met in my Japanese University, London University, my high school at this fair.

Exhibitor's party
Takumi Shimamura won Elle deco award!

And, I had a small lecture at Musashino Art University, Ceramic course where I used to be.
It was my first lecture at University, and I was glad to be there, even though just a small (for 20 students) venue.

There was a new library at MAU!! The building was made by bookshelves!!!

It was just a week trip for this exhibition, but it was a great trip.

Oshibe was at ICFF NewYork 15-19 May

I haven't logged in this blog for ages,,, but now I started to put more posts now!

I should report about my Oshibe's exhibition at ICFF New York first.
ICFF is one of the biggest Furniture fairs in the world, happened on 15-19th May.

Me and Oshibe! Oshibe is my new work!

I showed my work with Daisuke Hiraiwa. His new work is excellent! Named as "a cloudy day". Poetic,,!!

People in New York really loved my Oshibe-- A lot of people amazed this Oshibe.
Also, Sir Terence Conran liked this piece, too! Great!
These are Oshibe's media publishing list-

Web Magazines

Designer blog it(Itary)

Apartment therapy(USA)
Contemporist (USA)

Hometone (USA)

Exclama magzine(Colombia)

Habitus living (USA)
Luxist (Japan)

Design applause
Design 42 day(Italy)


Elle deco (South America), Binyan Ve'dior (Islael), Floor Coverings, Housewares and Lighting
Home Furnishings News(USA)

Also, I had a workshop for children at
Ecole Internationale de New York (a bilingual (French/English) school for children ages 3-11, in New York City)

Children loved my Oshibe, too-

I will upload past pictures from now on,,,,

Well, I should get to Cambridge for helping Frank chickens performance at Pink Festival now...

Monday, 22 March 2010

Kazuko Hohki's new web is updated!

I designed and made Kazuko Hohki and Frankchickens's new website!!
it is on

Check it out!!! Really modern, fun and Japanesey design---------

It will be listed on British Library Live Art Web Collection. ( Kazuko is a successful live artist, her work is amazing!)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

LCF project at kin is updated on my web!!!!

I updated my web! I put "LCF Masters" project and "Senses of Japan project".
Particularly, the LCF Masters project at kin design is great interactive work I involved-
Check it here--

At kin, we are making massive origami sculpture plus LED projection now-
I am designing the origami sets and making,,!! These are massive!!

Massive brain wash machine???

Massive building parts were moving last week,,, what is that??

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Kings place,- Kings place---!

I finished "Here, fishy fishy"project last Saturday on Arctic Circle's "the bubbly blue and green" music event at Kings place .
It was successful! A lot of people loved it! I just put an image now,,,(I have more images, but its on my video camera.)This is my fishing web cam projection on a wall.

I am doing origami design at kin design again!
But it is huge origami project for a exhibition design for Helen Story at Kings Place.
By accident, I have two projects at Kings place in this two weeks.
That's amazing-.
We were

Massive origami! fold with my bottom!!