Saturday, 20 April 2013

I was on a Japanese TV -NHK CHIKYU AGORA-

I was on a Japanese TV called NHK Chikyu agora. 
I was on the programme as a London based Japanese designer. 
Also I could show my work, "iBum". A TV presenter, Yuta Nakano tried to be on my iBum. 
He seems surprised to his result. 
Also, I was on the programme as a TV reporter to have a workshop at a London based design studio, ABAKE. It was an amazing experience to have the workshop from Maki Suzuki at Abake. 

I really enjoyed all of the filming. Thank you so much!  

My interview is released on a Japanese Women's magazine 'TRINITY".

My interview is published on a Japanese Women's magazine "TRINITY" vol.46 last month. 
I appreciate so much. 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Love train project in Tainan!

Hi, I am in Tainan, Taiwan.
I am here to do new project with students in National Chung Kung University as Royal College of Art, Design Products Platform 17 exchange programme with other students at P17.

We got an open brief about Tainan station.
So, I am doing a project about organizing trainspotting tour all over the world.
Tomorrow, I will start to film the project in Tainan! Very busy!!!

LOVE TRAIN project (1) Tokyo / Tomomi Sayuda from tomomisayuda on Vimeo.

Let’s make train spotting more popular!
Train spotting is an activity to transform boring everyday environment into an entertainment. Everyone doesn’t do it normally, but I would like to encourage more people to do the activity to add another perspective of everyday transports. People might find something new if I will explain about trains differently.
I am from Japan where we have massive culture and demand for train spotting. I would like to compare how people will react if I encourage to do train spotting in different locations in Tainan, Tokyo and London.
I will make maps of the best train spotting guide nearby of Tainan, Shinjuku in Tokyo and Marylebone in London. Then I will take people to the places and encourage to take photos and compare how people will react to the tour.
LOVE TRAIN projectは日本の鉄道撮影、見学文化を海外の違う国、数カ所で行ったら、どういう反応を現地の人々がするかを比較するプロジェクトです。
台湾の台南にてロンドンのRoyal College of Artと台南にある大学NCKUのコラボレーションプロジェクトとして行い、その後ロンドンでも調査と反応を見る予定です。