Monday, 14 September 2009

Party@Mother ad agency

A party @ Mother ad agency held and went reall well!

Finally, my chair worked well and I could see a lot of people and my friends there.
Thank you for coming to my show-
A lot of people scanned, and printed thir ass. I need to thank to everyone.
Before the exhibition, I maintained the chair until 2:30am,,, that was hard,,
But, well, I could make it work well finally. That was brilliant. I figured out what was wrong on the chair.

I was interviewed by Creative Review HD cam, so my video interview will be on CR blog later on.

I took down everything yesterday. So my chair is now at home.(It is my first time I got the chair at my home. It used to be at Uni. )

And I found the timetable for my appearance on NHK(Japanese national TV)

NHK Digital Stadium

NHK BS2-17Oct,0:00-0:40,
BS-Hi 19Oct 1:00-1:40,
23Oct 11:00-11:40(Repeat)

It might be on SKY,NHK world in UK later.
I will inform that if I will find the schedule.

Please check it out if you are living in Japan.
And I will be on Japanese festival @ spitalfields this weekend,, I was practicing the dance yesterday, that was fun...

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