Saturday, 17 October 2009

I was on NHK BS2 Digital Stadium-

NHK Digital Stadium(Media art program run by National Japanese TV network) I was on was on air yesterday in Japan. Japanese celebrities was on the chair scan their bums.
Mainly i-Bum was focused, but at the same time, my other works, my interview was shown on NHK! Me and my work was on air more than 5 min.
I was chatting on twitter when it was on air real time at Frieze Art Fair, a lot of people enjoyed the show itself.

Repeat is on
NHK BS Hi  19 Oct(Sun)25:00-25:39
NHK BS Hi(Maybe on BS2,,, I didn't remember),, 23Oct Fri 11:00-11:39

Also, it would be on NHK world in worldwide. Sky(UK) has NHK world, too.
The schedule hasn't decided, but it should be on NHK world sometime soon!

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J. McLean said...

Shin-ainaru Sayuda-san

I saw you on NHK World on Saturday! iBum is cool! I want one for next Chrimbo!

Daisuki desu!