Sunday, 8 November 2009

Kazuko Hohki/Scratch performance stills at Battersea Art Centre

I was picking up stills of Kazuko Horki and Mervyn Millar's performance "REASONS FOR LIVING SCRATCH" which was performed on last May at Battersea Art Centre. Because they need to get photos for publishing.

I was shooting videos and editing it now. I helped performance as a performer, too. (Well,, even though it was really small appearance,,!)

The performance piece was amazing. People will experience the piece of performance to lying inside of a small tent. Then we can see the lights and sounds. We can not see any actors, so we can feel abstract lights and voices. The tent itself is dark, so audience can't expect what will happen next. The play's is short, but poetic, humour and warm. Kazuko's pieces are always amazing!!!!
Well,,, I'm still editing the video, so if I finish it, I will put on Web soon.

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