Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas cards for kin

I was making origami and hand stamped christmas cards for kin.
Almost two weeks I was folding origamis and stamping individual cards which are nealy 75 sets.
In this card, 12 origamis, a battery and a LED light bulb.
You can make a lamp shade following with www.kin-design/12folds 
(My hands are staring in this video!!)
I sent several of them to my friends, too. 
The cards are printed by stamps individually by me. All patterns are different!! 
The same shape with origami stamps are pressed abstractly. 

I made an massive origami shade to the studio, too. 

Also, I made an origami christmas tree. 

Have a good christmas!! I will be at Thailand for two weeks from next saturday--

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