Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Today's my journey

I had an introduction of a workshop at graphic design studio, ABAKE.
They gave me a brief, I should take different route on my way to my college at South Kensington.
And I need to pass the route I decided in the morning on the evening.
So this 2 weeks, I should take different tube/bus/walk route to RCA!
And I started to document those route.

Well, I love my smart phone, so I thought it would be fun to make documents within my journey, too.
I used my favorite drawing, flaming apps and played to make instant graphics.
My smartphone makes me so easy to do this project! Take some photos, draw on it and upload immediately from the phone!
I will continue this for 2 weeks on weekdays.

13 Feb 2013
Home- DLR-Westminster-Highstreet Kengington- bus to RCA

I like toptable, but this ad is very quaky.
At District Line

Circle line to High Street Kensington

Got a cup of cappuccino at pret a manger

Bizarre window display at Whole foods market.

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