Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My project proposal

I wrote a proper statement for my project.

Project title:
An example of our life –life is a full of fluctuation- (sound tree)

My original idea for this project was from my strange and unusual experience on the 12th anniversary of my father’s death on 8 July 2008. On the day before the anniversary, I was told by some strange power that I should make a tree or something which I celebrate the day. It was totally unexpected experience I have never done before. In fact, I have never believed spiritual and sci-fi power. However I felt something strong feeling on the day. So I started to make a big tree sculpture. I can describe it was my body’s automatically movement like some gods are leading everything for me. On 7th July, the day before my father’s memorial day, it was Japanese celebration day called “Tanabata” which is celebration for Stars. On this “Tanabata” day, people hang ornaments of piece of papers, which are written their wishes in their hand, on bamboo trees. So I made “Tanabata” style trees with full of wish card ornaments.
According to this personal experience, I become to recognize tree as a life. In Japanese myth, trees are recognized as a symbol of life. Particularly, in a big old tree, people thought it as origin of every life. Ancient Japanese people believed animistic gods in trees. Therefore I started to think about a representation of human being’s life in a tree sculpture.
On my tree, I will put six bird nests and six eggs. These nests and eggs become music instruments parts. These elements show experiences and incidents, which will happen during our life. Sometimes our things become well and bad. Eggs are representation of our events in our everyday life. Eggs have two colour sides on its top and bottom, on top its side is white, bottom side is black. If one of the eggs is on a nest, egg will get sounds. In addition sounds will be decided by eggs position, black or white. If black side is touched onto the nest, sound will be dark. But if it is white, the sound will be clear and happy. Each nests show different sounds. Eggs are often referring as life. That’s why I choose eggs as my representation. By possession and numbers, the tree will provide different sounds like a life.

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