Sunday, 5 September 2010

Frankchickens gig at Stewart lee's live at Edinburgh Festival

We took a photo with Franz Ferdinand's vocal, Alex.

I'm helping Frankchickens which is a japanese pop performance group organized by Kazuko Hohki. (I made the website for her.)

Frankchickens won fosters comedy award with some good surprising accidents.

It appeared in BBC news, too. (Well, the article itself is quite objective, but it is good to be on. But it is true, we are not comedian;)

So, we were invited as a special secret guest of a British Comedian, Stewart Lee's live at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Surprisingly, there was another guest, too. It was Franz Ferdinand!!! (What? We haven't know till we arrived there.)
Venue- Edinburgh festival theatre

backstage was huge hall!!
Military tattoo guys
Performers were everywhere! If you wanna see everything, it might take 1 year?!
But it is true, there are tons of theatre performances. Amazing vive atmosphere!

at make up room. Proper room, right?
Fab stage! I heard nearly 2000 people can be there?
By accident, I met my friend, Morag there! It was completely by chance. I haven't seen her since I showed my work in ICFF New York. We were showing there together. Also she is living in Glasgow, so Edinburgh is not common place for us, but I met her, wow!!

It was two days short trip, but exciting trip with a lot of fun-- thanks Kazuko, and everyone- congratulations.

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