Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I'm in Tokyo.

I'm in Tokyo now.

I've been to ICC (Interactive art gallery run by NTT.) at Opera city, Hatsudai, Tokyo.
The exhibition space and collection was quite good. It's like japanese ARS electronica center.
I was excited to get into a silent room which John Cage was inspired his 4'33. The room kill every sound, and it was difficult to make conversation with friends. My friend, Ari said it was like a canadian snow mountain where she used to live. Every sound was absorbed and the space itself stands out rather than people themselves.

Mainly, in this holiday, I am meeting many friends, relatives and old bosses as much as possible.
I'm going out everyday, and I am trying to talk to many people.
Fortunately, most of my friends are media and art people. I met artists, designers and media directors. It was great to see them, and I was showing my latest works. I am quite lucky to have such a good friends. As same as London, creative industry in Japan is tough. Many friends are still looking for jobs. (Even though most of my friends are graduated three or two years ago. Well, I guess it is their second job since their graduation.) Job and salary cuts in big companies are common nowadays. Still I feel Japanese products are strong. A lot of original ideas which I never seen out side of the world. (Well, I often visit many countries including other south asian countries.) So still I think Japan is unique. But the most dissapointed thing is people lose their passion. I didn't see a lot of motivated people. Many people become tired and less communicative. That's real shame. I think London people are more motivative and creative.
However, Japan is quite spritual country, I guess our traditonal spritual ideas are strong, and the idea should be used as a exportable product to the world. Also Japanese technologies are amazing!

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