Saturday, 18 July 2009

iBum and Joyster pics in LCC degree show

left) iBum on LCC summer graduation Exhibition - my friend chris is on my iBum
right) an audience is looking into iBum shuffle

left- my friend Tom is playing Joyster
right- Joyster is working with my card!

I put my pics I took in London College of Communication on 3 July 2009.
On You Tube's comments, someone doubt iBum is fake. So I need to defeat the rumor-
Well, as you can see, it is actual working piece in real life!
Particularly on the exhibition, iBum shuffle was working, too. I was displaying nearly 200 pictures randomly everyday on a screen beside a chair.

Also, a lot of audiences are interested in Joyster project, too.
People are happy to see different colour, size and rotate speed of flowers with their cards.

You can see my videos on

iBum (on You Tube) (on Vimeo)


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