Saturday, 12 January 2013

TechFest, IIT Bombay, 2-4 Jan 2013 ver 2

I have already mentioned about the exhibition report at TechFest , IIT Bombay. 

But there are more pictures I haven`t shown yet. 

 HIRO robot by Tokyo Kogyo University
Robots by Robo soft systems, India.
 Lighting soil project by Keio xlab. The project was fantastic!
We can create different colour light if we can conbine different colored soil pieces.
 Recruiting fair, I guess. TechFest is a big festival to welcome recruiters from all over the world.
IIT Bombay is very well known institute for Science and technology.
Just selected students can go in. I heard 50 times applicants for provided seats; Very hard to get in.

 Student competition for small racing cars.
 Corridor of campus.
It was a huge campus.
 My exhibition building. Nicely made pavilion.
 Hindu signs.
 Lecture series. Looks like very interesting selection.
 Robots by robo soft.
 VIP entry for the exhibition space. I liked the sign.
 I went to Thali restaurant with Keio people.
Very nice experience!

Posh end shopping centre! Wow.

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