Saturday, 12 January 2013

Mumbai 2nd day/ 28 Dec 2012

Tomomi at Mumbai at 2nd day. 

 Holly animal, cows are on the street. Absolutely everywhere.
Cow keepers are having business to feed by street prayers.
 Grant Road station. Of course a lot of people.
 Road at Mumbai is so busy and chaotic. People don`t care about traffic lights.
 Local market.
 Train route map
 Many people are coming from station. Endless!
 Trains are always filled by people.
 Train sign design is followed by London Underground sign!
 University of Mumbai. Victorian building.
 City centre. Full of Victorian buildings.

 Gateway of India.
 Taj hotel
 I was on a boat to Elephanta Island.  Return journey costed just 2 pounds or so.

 At elephanta island, there are carriage service by people! Two people will help to climb a mountain walk. Two logs are attached to chairs! Very primitive design. Nice.
 Elephanta Island. Most of statues are broken by Portuguese about 500 years ago.
Here is a world heritage site, so the place was very well maintained.

 Mini train at Elephanta island. Slow as walk. But I was on there. Fun. 10 rupee.
Victoria Terminal. 

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