Saturday, 12 January 2013

Mumbai, India / Muscat, Oman trip 1st day

I went to Mumbai, India and Muscat Oman from 26 December - 10 January for an exhibition at TechFest 2013 at IIT Bombay. 
It was hectic but very surprising trip. 
I am reminding about the trip on this blog! 

 I was initially thinking to have a visa on arrival, but I realized this system is too problematic, so I decided to get a visa last minutes;;; It was very thrilling. I just got it 6h before my departure; 

I used Oman air. So I stopped at Muscat airport.
 Shore line of Muscat.
 Traditional Omani clothing
 Very clean and new airpot. Oil money!!!
 I arrived at Mumbai.
Outside of airport has already chaos! Very surprising.
I arrived at India!

I saw the best naming hair salon ever. Unisex Salon `CUT THE CRAP`
 1st night`s meal. In total 1.2 pounds or so.
 I went to local big hindi temple. It was around 7 pm. So many people were getting into the temple to pray. Very exotic place in the middle of a big city.

 I went to long distance bus terminal to buy a ticket to Goa.
It was peak season, so I should pay 1600 rupee for one way. (Almost 20 pounds.)
 A festive float was passing in the public road. I had no idea what was that..!
Chai. 5 rupee

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