Saturday, 12 January 2013

Goa 31 Dec- 1 Jan

Goa 31 Dec-1 Jan

 Japanese cartoon was on!
Went to crocodile tour. 
 Full of people were on board! 
 I saw 4 crocodiles. We were very lucky. Sometimes we can not see any crocodiles, because they are natural habitat.
 Goa cathedral.  Biggest church in asia. Build nearly 500 years ago.

 Very bloody Jesus!!
 A charm at church. Very indian style. Interesting culture.
 Other church building.
 Draemon was on!!!
 Interior of church. Very decorative.
 TESCO?!?! Local shop was called TESCO, but it wasn`t TESCO hahaha
Countdown new year party and fireworks! 

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