Saturday, 12 January 2013

Mumbai 1st Jan 2013

Mumbai 1st Jan 2013

I took a flight back to Mumbai from Goa in the afternoon. 

 At the boarding gate of Goa airport. There are strange local people dolls were waiting me.

I have no idea why those dolls were sitting....??? But I liked those. 
 Mumbai from air

 I arrived at hotel. Techfest organizer students guided me from airport. Very nice.
 Near my hotel. 15 min drive from airport. Very local place.
 I went to Juhu beach, which is 30 min drive from my hotel. Surprisingly, full of people were at beach.
I guess because of new year day night?
A lot of people were dressed well in the night.
 Tons of people were hanging around the beach. Very surprising.
 There were local restaurants around beach side. A lot of choices of food. Very festive mood.

 I guess those are dosa?
 Bollywood poster
 Post office. Very primitive service. Interesting.
 Victoria terminals.
 Sign of ladies coach at station. Ladies coaches were very useful and felt safe.

Lunch box I had at installation day at Tech Fest. Reminded me Japanese lunch box.
Because of religion, people often eat veg meals. Actually veg meals were delicious. 

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