Saturday, 12 January 2013

Goa / India 29-30 December 2012

I arrived Goa. 600km south from Mumbai. 
Here is beach resort place. 

 I went to Majorda beach, where is located at south Goa. It`s a bit far away from party district of Goa.
 Very clean beach with nice white sand.
 Local sandwich with beaf cutlet. Very very nice. I was eating it all the time while I was staying at Goa.
I guess some Portuguese cusine influence is on their dishes.
 Move to hotel from bus terminal with Auto. 250 rupee.
 This beach was popular destination for Russian tourist! So I saw a lot of sign of Russian. That was very surprising.

 Sunset, nice!
The beach was not crowded as pattaya beach in Thailand, but huge and very nicely people are flocking. That was very surprising.
 Local TV
 Japanese 80 TV were on!
 Bollywood cheesy promo video. I guess this was made in 90s. I loved that.
 Local food vendor. I was always been there to have a snack there. Interesting food and cheaper than having food at hotel.
 I was on a scooter for sight seeing. Less traffic rather than in Mumbai, so it was good driving.

 Quite picturesque tropical jungle route. Good experience.
 I went to Panaji which is a big city at Goa. There are a lot of Portuguese buildings.

 I had a parasailing ride! 200 m above a sea! Very good! Cost just 10 pounds. Worth trying.
It wasn`t scary at all. Very smooth ride.

I saw a lot of Christmas decoration at Goa. Most of people are Christian at Goa because of their history.

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