Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Exhibition at Mumbai, India/ IIT Bombay finished!

I was invited to show at IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India. 3-5 January 2013.
IIT Bombay is a famous University of Science and Technology in India.
It was very honorable  I was invited to show with very high end exhibitors such as MIT, Keio Xlab and EPFL Swiss. Most of exhibitors at my space are robotic engineer background. Some people are media art like me. So very interesting line up.
There are huge huge crowds I have not experienced ever. First day 20000 people were visited, last day was thee times of the first day according to the exhibition organizer!

A lot of things are going very random way in India, so it was very stress or required very patient in any circumstances and stages. But it was very amazing experience to show there.  Huge huge crowds and opportunities to meet interesting people, and crazy environment every time.
I am from Tokyo, so I am get used to being at very busy society and love to be at busy places rather than boring quite area.  BUT, this is much more busier than in Tokyo!!! Everywhere is so chaotic and random, even though setting up exhibition.

But exhibition manager, coordinator, organizers (IIT Bombay students) are very helpful and humanized. Sometimes trouble happens, but there were full of smiles and comedy moments.

In general, I really loved to visit India. Everything is so random and bad and good things happens at the same time, all the time! But full of surprises. People said, this is a god`s state. It must be true, very spiritual and full of many different gods were there. So crazy, I have not encountered such a state with full of enthusiasm religious people;  And the different people`s believe make the place so chaotic. But I feel this is very human kind of place. People believe what they believe. It was very shockingly surprising place for me.

And I appreciate a lot for TechFest manager, coordinators and organizers. They were trying their all best in every stage. And giving smiles every time, thank you, again!

Definitely I will come back to India in the future.


 loooong que all the time!!

 with Keio Xlab exhibitors and IIT students.
 Exhibitors from Paris, Zurich and IIT student
 Nicolas from Paris and another exhibitor from India.
 Tech Fest after party. Very impressive shows from all over the world. Amusing!

Cow was in the middle of the road of campus. Hindi sacred animal, cow was everywhere.
 Exhibition stalls. Full of full of people!!!
 Robosoft, India robots.
 Lecture series line ups. I would like to see, but no time;; Shame.
Guest speakers are invited from all over the world.
 Next building was IIT student`s department`s study presentation. Interesting studies.

 EGON! Character of TechFest

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