Sunday, 12 July 2009

I updated my client's website.

I have uploaded a british comtemporary photographer, Moira Lovell's website.

I haven't changed the site since I designed last year, but she is doing really well for her art.
Check her photos and profie on the link-.

Her photographs are quite strong, and visually speaking! I like her photos.

I will upload, other clients, Ryoko Mutasono, and new Kazuko Hohki's site soon, too.


Anonymous said...

Love your work, love your attitude. Tokyo needs you!

ところで、you probably know already but your site navigation seems a bit messed up, Profile and Contact seems messed up, have a look at it!

Tomomi Sayuda // Sayuujin said...

I really appreciated your comments!
I haven't realized the point... (It is embarrassment...)But now I changed it! thanks for pointing out the important problem--