Tuesday, 14 July 2009

my iBum video was accessed by nearly 7000people!


I really appreciated to be accessed to my iBum video by a lot of people.
It is amazing for me, now it was viewed nearly 7000 people.
It was 30 views two weeks ago. I hope I can show the work more bigger places.

By the way, I am thinking to buy High definition video camera.
I used to use uni's HD cam, but I am no longer a student. So I need to buy one by myself.
Maybe I might buy Sony's XR500V. Looks like it is cheaper in Japan.
So I might buy it in Japan. But a problem is it is NTSC if I will buy it in Japan, mmm,, it might be problematic. But, if I will transfer every datas to my computer, then if I convert into PAL, that should be all right. Well, I need to think about it later on. But definately I need to buy good quality video cam. I have a SD cam, but it is horrible picture. I can't stand the quality at all...
So, I will think about it soon--!

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