Friday, 17 July 2009

I graduated finally!

Me on Hakama

Westminster central hall

With my dear tutor, Joel. He named "iBum"!!! He is an excellent tutor!!!

I attended my graduation ceremony of London College of Communication BA Graphic and Media design. It was held at Westminster central hall.

I was wearing Hakama which is Japanese formal dress. So It was heavy to walk around, but I had a good day.
The clothes are really popular in Japan for graduation ceremony, but it isn't in UK. So everyone was looking me,say wow! and taking pictures. It was great experience.
I was preparing to wear it since May, so I am glad to do it. Thanks my mum to send it to London.
My friend, Ricca helped me to wear the kimono from 8:30 am. It took half hour to put on. (It is difficult to wear by myself...)
She is a professional Kimono dresser based on London. So if you want to wear kimono properly,
I can introduce her. I really appreciated her help!! She is great!

The hall was great place, and I was really happy to see my classmates and tutors!
Many thanks, everyone!

By the way, my iBum's video is viewed by 24000 people!
I need to thank everyone again!

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