Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Thanks for coming to my final year show!

I am really sorry I haven't updated my blog for ages.
But finally, my final year show, BA graphic and media design @London College communication was finished.
I really appliciated a lot of people are coming to see my work!
Because of maintainance reason, I need to be at Gallery every day. But it was good effect for me to get opportunity how people will react to my work.
I could get a lot of positive feedbacks for iBum and Joyster projects.

And, iBum is on Creative Review Blog now!

I hope I can show my work in big spaces.

I started twitter, too.
My login name is tomomisayuda
If you are interested in, follow me--

I will kick off new web cliant project tomorrow!
And I will update more often from now on--!!



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