Saturday, 18 July 2009

Meeting for an interactive art exhibition on November

I had a meeting with David, Christina and Chen at Central Saint Martins.
David is organiging new interactive exhibition which supposed to be happened in November as his final project.
It is a collaborative project with other students form different background with other asian students. It was the first meeting to see other students excluded David.

David is MA fashion management student in LCF from Beijing. Christina graduated CSM BA womens fashion from Hong Kong. Chen is MA stage design in CSM from Shanghai.

Then I might help some interaction part on this exhibiton.
The exhibition is based on Fashion with interaction. I haven't seen other artist's work, but Christina's her final garmets are quite playful and tactile. I liked them.

David's organizing is quite good. He is helpful and friendly. I know most of student works are done by last minutes, but his time scheduling is precise, and always sending infomation with other artists. I am quite happy to help his project. I hope I will not too busy on next November.

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