Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Come on! Hall effect sensor

I am still figuring out my hall effect sensor.

I used my 10 ohm resistor between 5V and ground. However it become hotter again. Also, the sensor didn't work,too.
Now, I start to check interface Z's magnetic sensor again.

It has a capacitor for evening current, two potentiometers, three resistors and an IC tip.
After checking their values, I ordered on maplin and RS components.
I found that on audrino, I need to choose 0.25W resistor. It took long time to check values and codes, but little by little, I start to understand each part's functions and unit of credit.

Later on, my new parts will arrive. Then I will do some progress.

Today, I launched a test website for a photographer.

There were a lot of probrems of links and java scripts on flash. It took long time to fix. However finally I could build all of foundation. I haven't gotten reply from my cliant, so hopefully she would like it. Just I am waiting for her rest of site materials now.

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