Friday, 15 August 2008

Improve my eyesite by myself??

I have very bad eyesite since I was kid. That was because of my too much playing video games and reading comics(How bad child life style!!) like most of modern children in Japan. Well, basically I can't live without my glasses and contact lenses. In addition, my eyes tiredness become worse recently because I am sticking with computer. little by little, I became scare about my eyesites,,, But I found an information about self improvement of eyesites!
I got a japanese book called"imaging eye". The book said if I can improve my subconscious of using my eyes, my eyesites will improve. For me, the idea sounds innovative. Because traditional eyesite improvement will be done by schooling to eyesite improvement institutes or lazor operation. These two will take cost and be 100% sure at this morment. In contrast, the "imaging eye" will not take cost and I don't have to have a risk. In fact, I need to patient for every day training. But if I can do it little by little, everything will be fine.

The training is really symple, with naked eyes I need to train to look. If my eyes can see something better site, I should admire my eyes with shouting "Yes!". It sounds redicurous, but a lot of people achieved amazing result. At least, I need to continue the training for a month, so it takes time. But I think just I need to adjust the pattern.

Also, I got pinhole mask which will help my eyes resting. This is the mask I shown above. It is nice to rest my eyes. At the first time, It is difficult to adjust with this eye sites. However if you will continue to use it, you will feel comfortable. Particularly for PC jobs, this is an ideal tool.

I felt this training is simmilar to eastern meditation. To cure disease by spilit is one of my interesting subjects. Like reiki and phychic therapy, this is one of the spilitual cure. I am thinking that wheather I can bring these spilitual ideas to my base work??

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