Friday, 15 August 2008

Test of a hall effect sensor

I start to test a hall effect sensor which I bought at RS.
Actually, the sensor become hot! I have no idea why but I think the current was too high.
It was dangerous I found. I shouldn't put a sensor directly to interface z.
So, I found that I need to get something I can adjust the current like an example below.

By my tutor, I can make this adjustment by myself. So I will try to make it.
But a beginner like me, it is difficult to find information from websites. First I start to look at the website which is providing technical information about sensors.
However, I had no idea what should I do. So, I started to learn ohm formula. (Well, I know it is too basic to start,, but for a while I haven't learnt math,,)
Anyway I really want to get back my math's knowledge when I put it onto my brain when I was child,.So even if it seems stupid, I think it is worth to do it again,

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