Friday, 8 August 2008

Office 2008 and Beijing Olympic

I started to use 0ffice 2008 for mac, because after upgrading leopard office 2004 didn't work well.
Actually, I thought it was good to change to 2008. Basic function is simmilar, but the appearance become much better!! I really like the skin of my favorite word notepad. This word notepad is much better than word texts. The tags on the right side make move easier among several sections. It is useful to bring quotes for instance for essays and disatations.
I need to work for my disatations, so it is good to refresh my work tool now. I feel better than before to face my disatation;

After 2 hours, the olympic will starts. I am really looking forward to see it, since I have been to Beijing a year ago. I still remember about the people's energy and pollution in Beijing. So I am really curious about the current enviromental and political situations in Beijing and China.

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