Thursday, 14 August 2008

Prototype of Tenori On and think about Japanese humor

I was looking at Toshio Iwai's Tenori On's launch party's explanation.
I knew Tenori On, but I did not know about his prototype work. In fact I really like his prototype virsion "Music chess", too. It is a kind of improvisation music. Also, I could find a good profe- Tenori On's original idea is from music box, because I am writing my dissertation about the change from analogue to digital.

By the way, I was thinking that recently I could find several good overseas based Japanese musicians, for instance afrirampo and frank chickens. Their common feature is that they are showing japanese crude and tasteless aspects in interesting way. In other words, they are pulling out civil things to make entertainment. Their images are not stereotyped images, but something new japanese images for foreigners.
I just wondered if I can put these humor to my interactive work. I would like pick up something exciting and japanesy things.

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