Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Media responses are spontaneous, and huge

I got a car I designed!!

Well, to be honest, I haven't designed, but my illustrations are on surface on the car.
The car's illustration is for "Harvesta" who is a young japanese pop group. Now, I am designing their website.
On this Harvesta's site, I drew several illustration by crayons.

Then, some fans of this group drew my illustration on a car!
So it was not planed, and official. But for me that was good surprise.

Accually I haven't met Harvesta and their staff, because they were my friend's friend. So I was keep in touch about building their website by just on line. Via on line, many times it is hard to observe real responses just on messengers and skype, because I can't see and touch everything, for instance facial expressions, atmosphere, smell and sizes. However, such this painted car give me great impact of acctual viewer's responce. Because it was unexpected response for harvesta and me. But the car was painted by local fans. My drawing was transfered into a big canvas.
I just felt a big power of the internet.

In fact, the relationship of consumer and media provider is quite interesting. By my past experiences, I have already involved several media industry for instance TV, movie, Web and publishing. When I was working TV company as an assistant of TV set art in Japan, it was interesting to see the feeling of creating something for mass. During working for TV program production, I knew I was involved to make something for huge numbers of people. However it is hard to understand the visual and real value of viewer from several papers on my desk. Acctual TV production was made in a small box in Tokyo, however viewers were everywhere in Japan. Their numbers are thousands or millions bigger than productions. The ratio is amazing. I sometimes felt these ratio when I saw my former TV office's works in London. I can not believe that Here is more than 9000km away from center of Tokyo. However their information is coming through cables and satelites.

Now is exsiting time of global communication in this way.
To be honest, I can not be too optimistic for globalization, but it gives us interesting response.

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