Thursday, 14 August 2008

Tenorion and last night's gig

I found a post on youtube about the London based pop singer who is using TENORI ON.
Actually Tenori on is a good example of make sound visible project!

By the sway, yesterday I have been to a gig in Aldgate. The event called club integral.
I saw the great play of Japanese phyche band called acid mothers temple, and pikachu and makoto. Particulary, pikachu and makoto's play was amazing. Pikachu is having a band called afrirampo, and Makoto is from boredoms.
Pikachu's performance was excelent. Her performance was like a innocent child, strange lylics and enthusiastic drum! Just I can say amazing, fun and original!! I really love their lylics because they use Japanese silly words and strange mix of japanese and english.

I am really interested in improvisation music nowadays. I think it is one of the interesting feature of music session. I would like to try some musical session now!

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