Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I made a cover song of Korean-Japanese song

I covered a 80s million seller Korean song which was fashion in Japan called "Pusan kou e kaere". (means "Return to Pusan harbout"). This is a song about wife who have not come back to the harbour. These songs are called "Enka" which are japanese ballad or songs. In most of the times, they are saying about broken heart of some lovers, split of fishermens and love for the local areas.

In fact, I haven't made a song ever, so for a while I wanted to make a song, In addition I really curious about music session. Yesterday, my friend, Kumiko Yabu who is a musician and sound engneer came to my flat. Then with her advices, I've recorded a song with Garageband.

My song's idea is that Enka song inspired by space men. I would like to link with the someone's local and traditional split with universe. It is a kind of experimental (music itself and for improving my skills,too ) music. Also I think I need to get more sophistication more??
Well , I need to say that there is no irony for enka song at all on my project. Just simply I would like to try a new remix of space and ground.

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