Thursday, 7 August 2008

I started new blog, and about my project

Hello all,

Finally, I moved my new blog from following former site,

I tried to make a blog on my server with wordpress. However a lot of problem happens about access permition. So temporaly I ignore the process.

By the way, I think I need to explain my current summer project.

This is my collabolation interactive sound project with Yoshie who is japanese musician.

I am making a tree like interactive music instrument that it is based on the story in japanese traditional tree believe and other religion thoughts. Because trees often liken to a life. Also during a life a lot of things happens. Sometimes everything will go well and bad. I am iterested in study of religion. I can find that in many times different believes have simmilalities. The country where I am from -japan-, which is a atheistic country. So I think japanese people are afraid to talk about religions in general. However at the same time they are curious in some way. So I hope my project can represent abstract of the life and every religion, in other words people’s belief.

I will show every single daily story and lives as sounds. And I will make two variety of sounds. One is happy, second is sad. Sounds are having a different tunes, for instance major and minor codes.

Also I will put eggs and birdnests on the tree. Eggs are often on the religious mythes and folk stories. For instance in japan egg is symbolic of the new birth. So I will make two sides on each eggs. On a half side will can make a bright sounds, the other side has a dark sounds. I will establish ideally six to eight egg objects on my trees.

My tree sculpture is 50 cm high. I think materials are sticks and crays. For interactive parts, I use Max MSP with interface Z or arduino.

At this point, we launched our project from conceptual development to building acctual trees and interfaces. Now, I am testing sensors and patches with my technical tutor. Most of difficult part for this project is sensors on the eggs. Because eggs need to read two opposite sides.

Originally, I was thinking to use simple button interaction. However, it can’t recognize two parts of eggs.

So I tried second attempt. It was using registers to apply for changing current values. I was planning to put two different value resisters on two sides. Then computer read the difference of two resisters. By these difference, other sounds will play.

I checked it on arduino about different value by this code


// Reads an analog value and send it to the serial port (9600 bps) if
it is over a certain value

int analog_port = 1;
int analog_val = 0;

void setup(){


void loop(){


However my resisters ar

e two small value, so it doesn’t work well.

Finally, I started to use hall effect sensor which is a kind of magnetic sensor. I am ordering the sensor at this website now.

I will report about my test when the sensor arrived!

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